Donations & Wish List

Seacoast United is a non-profit organization committed to providing athletic opportunities for both youth’s and adults regardless of ability levels.  Unfortunately the Club needs to rely on donations to continue to provide the services and opportunities that it has provided for over 16 years.   We have found that many would rather spend their money on a specific item rather than donate to the general fund.   This page is dedicated to the specific needs of the individual programs within the Club.   We will keep an updated list of materials that would enhance these programs and the means in which to order these for the Club.

1.)  In working with the game footage and creating/editing video, the Club is interested in a Mac (MacBook or iMac, www.apple.com).  Macs have the best movie/video editing software, unmatched by software created for PCs.  If anyone is interested in aiding the Club with this request, please contact Kelly Kelly at kkelly@seacoastunited.com

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